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Is your regular hearing aid ineffective for single-sided deafness? Give CROS technology a try

Often time’s people suffering from single-sided hearing loss ask others to speak to them on their good side instead of using a hearing aid. They fail to understand that a long-term solution like CROS technology hearing aids in Thane would make their life simpler. Audiologists at Swar Hearing & Speech centre recommend opting for CROS (Contralateral Routing of Signals) or BiCROS technology for single-sided deafness.

CROS for single-sided deafness:

People that have a hearing loss only in one ear find living life as difficult as a completely deaf human. If the sound occurs in the bad ear, the human head immediately blocks the sound waves from reaching the good one. This is known as the ‘head shadow effect’ and can be resolved only with CROS. CROS is different from traditional hearing aids, it doesn’t send sound to the ear it sits on; one has to wear CROS hearing aids in both ears. The sound detected by the bad ear is immediately transmitted to the good one helping you hear better.

The two aspects of CROS device are a transmitter and hearing aid.

1. A transmitter that has a microphone to pick up and send sound from your bad ear to the better one

2. A hearing aid that picks sound sent from the transmitter and plays it in the better ear.

CROS technology hearing aids features:

  • The intelligent sound management allows CROS technology hearing aids in Thane to give better sound quality to its users.
  • It is handy and comes with a detailed guide making it easy to use.
  • They come with removable and inbuilt batteries, allowing easy charging and a long-lasting battery.
  • Their colour shade is natural and has a stylish appearance.
  • It comes with Bluetooth compatibility so you can connect it to other devices and amplify the sound.
  • They are water-resistant so don’t worry about body perspiration, moisture, dust, or accidental splashing

Why purchase hearing aids from us?

Swar Hearing & Speech centre is established as one of the leading speech and hearing clinics in Mumbai. Our client base includes paediatric, adult, and geriatric patients; we also provide:

  • Treatment and consultation by a highly qualified audiologist & speech, and language pathologist.
  • High-tech equipment is employed to provide you with a unique line of treatment for your speech and hearing ailments.
  • Easy bookings and follow-ups.
  • Reasonable and discounted rates without imposing hidden charges.

With the intent of making your visits highly comfortable and content, we address your hearing and speaking disabilities with utmost compassion and proficiency.

To know more about our treatment and CROS technology hearing aids we offer in Thane give us a call right away at 9867010702.

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