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Discreet design and easy-to-use ITC hearing aids

If you have been on the lookout for hearing aids that are barely visible you must buy ITC hearing aids. Being Thane’s most reliable and quality hearing aid supplier Swar Hearing & Speech Centre recommends using these easy-to-use, customised hearing aids to enhance spur listening experience.

ITC or in-the-canal hearing aids fit in your ear canal easily, they are mostly preferred by people who have mild to moderate hearing loss. There are numerous options to choose from and they all have a natural appearance.

Features of ITC hearing aids:

Custom-fit- These hearing aids can be easily customised to your specifications. Your ear impression and hearing capacity are assessed and the hearing aid is designed and programmed accordingly. This type of hearing aid is tailored to fit your ear so it does not come off while removing spectacles, face masks, etc.

Partially hidden- The most advantageous feature that makes buying ITC hearing aids in Thane worth is its discreet look. As compared to other hearing aids this one is petite in size thus allowing you to socialise without any burden.

Highly functional- Another feature of the ITC hearing aid is that it is highly functional. They come with volume control, directional microphones, and a control system. Their small size is not a barrier when it comes to functionality.

Better sound clarity- You can hear sound loud and clear despite its tiny size. Moreover, these hearing aids come with noise reduction features thus improving the sound quality.

Why choose Swar Hearing & Speech Centre?

Besides addressing your speech and hearing concerns with utmost compassion we are known for:

  • Offering hearing aids of the finest quality and high-tech features
  • Catering to the needs of paediatric, adult, and geriatric patients
  • Providing treatment and consultation by a highly qualified audiologist & speech, and language pathologist.
  • Affordable rates without imposing hidden charges.
  • Employing high-tech equipment to provide you with a unique line of treatment for your speech and hearing ailments.
  • Easy bookings and follow-ups.

Our staff is trained to serve you professionally to ensure that all your visits are enriching and comfortable. If you want to buy an ITC hearing aid of superior quality in Thane get in touch with Swar Hearing & Speech Centre right away.

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