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Swar Speech and Hearing Centre’s customized hearing aids will change your life!

Established as one of the best speech and hearing clinics in Thane, Swar Speech and Hearing Centre now assists you in buying ear machines for hearing loss too. Hearing loss doesn’t just affect your ability to work and relish life; it also affects your self-esteem. Using a hearing aid will restore your hearing to a certain extent and allow you to enjoy life to the fullest. Our hearing machine for ears is specially curated by our professionals to ensure the utmost convenience for our clients. You may not be able to pick the right hearing aid for yourself, but our experienced professionals surely can. We offer a wide range of advanced hearing machines for ear options, tailored to meet your individual requirements. With our expertise, you will regain not just your hearing but also your confidence, guaranteeing an improved quality of life.

Types of hearing aids available at Swar Speech and Hearing Centre:

Hearing aids are categorized into two types based on their capacity to amplify sound:

Analog: this type converts sound waves into electrical signals and then amplifies them.

Digital: this type of hearing aid transforms sound into numerical codes and then amplifies it, thus providing a quality output

The hearing aid is also categorized into three types based on its positioning:

Canal: This sits inside the ear and is difficult to move and remove

In-the-ear: This sits outside the ear but is unsuitable for kids since their ear development is ongoing


This sits behind the ear and is effective for both mild and severe hearing loss

Essential Things to Look for Before You Buy Hearing Machines for Ear.

Not all hearing aids may tick your checklist, hence our team has compiled a list of certain things you must look for in a hearing machine for ear before investing, and they are:

Things to look for before you buy ear machine for hearing loss?

Not all hearing aids may tick your checklist, hence our team has compiled a list of certain things you must look for in a hearing aid before investing, and they are:

  • Type and pattern of the tool, as well as check if the Hearing Machine for Ear fits your hearing loss needs and lifestyle.
  • Battery life, some Hearing Machine for Ear come with longer lasting batteries than others so check the battery life.
  • Connectivity choices, look for options to connect the Hearing Machine for Ear to phones, TVs or other audio devices.
  • Guarantee/ warranty, consider the warranty period offered for the Hearing Machine for Ear in case of repairs.
  • The price, the cost of different models of Hearing Machine for Ear may vary so assess your budget.
  • Additional available structures & features, extras like Bluetooth, programs etc that come with the particular Hearing Machine for Ear.

Test & Criterion:

At Swar Speech and Hearing Centre, we know every patient is different, their choices, expectations, and problems differ too. In consequence, we conduct a test to know the severity of their hearing loss and accordingly customize a hearing machine for ear that suits them the best. The aim is to ensure your hearing problems are tackled with utmost compassion, so the solution provided is effective. Our team also considers your hearing loss history to determine the most fitting treatment for you. Finally, a hearing aid that fits your liking is recommended for use.

Our highly qualified audiologist & speech, and language pathologist have been serving pediatric, adult, and geriatric clients using the latest technology and unique treatments. We will address all your hearing and speech problems with apt care and treatments.

If you aspire to buy an effective and affordable ear machine for hearing loss or if you have any queries relating to our treatments reach out to us at 9867010702.

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