Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Rechargeable hearing aids- so you can hear the world around you uninterrupted

Enjoying life can be truly difficult if you have been suffering from hearing loss, which is why people who use hearing aids expect them to function smoothly. Using a rechargeable hearing aid will help you carry out routine activities without any disturbance. You can charge your hearing aid just like your mobile phone and stay in action all day long. When it comes to the rechargeable hearing aid price, you can take comfort in knowing that at Swar Speech & Hearing Centre in Thane, we strive to offer you a range of options that suit your budget and lifestyle.

Types of rechargeable hearing aids:

Rechargeable hearing aids are differentiated based on the battery type; they are either powered by removable batteries or by rechargeable batteries. Your choice often depends on factors like convenience and rechargeable hearing aid price.

Disposable/ removable- These batteries sit in one compartment of the machine; it should be replaced with a fresh one every few days. Disposable batteries can be easily accessed via a battery door.

Rechargeable- These batteries cannot be removed from the Hearing Aid Rechargeable since they are sealed inside the aid. They should be charged using a charging device; hearing aids with such batteries have indicators that help identify if the battery is dead. A hearing aid with rechargeable battery can save you money in the long run by eliminating the need to purchase disposable batteries.

Why would you buy rechargeable hearing aids?

Thane’s experienced audiologist & speech trainers recommend buying a rechargeable hearing aid for it offers a myriad benefits:

Eco-friendly alternative- Hearing aids with rechargeable batteries are an environmentally friendly alternative; their battery lasts for years as opposed to disposable batteries which need to be replaced every now and then, increasing levels of waste in the surroundings.

User friendly- You can simply charge rechargeable batteries at the charging point using a device. Put the battery to charge at night and your hearing aid will have enough power to go for the entire day.

Safe for kids- Disposable batteries are petite, they can be swallowed by kids or pets. Rechargeable batteries on the other hand have no such threat making them safer for kids and pets.

Cost-effective choice – Hearing aids with rechargeable batteries are a smart choice for individuals who experience hearing difficulties. These hearing aids don’t need constant battery changes, which can become quite expensive in the long haul. This makes them a practical choice for the long term. Although the rechargeable hearing aid price may be higher, it can result in savings in the future.

Why choose us?

Swar Speech & Hearing Centre is a team of dedicated professionals who work above & beyond to help you deal with hearing loss and speech-related concerns. We offer multiple benefits to each of our customers; our ardent client base is a result of:

  • Reliable and swift services.
  • Auricle examination to find out the best-suited equipment for you.
  • Smart recommendations & consultation from skilled medical practitioners.
  • Quality products and regular follow-ups.
  • Upfront pricing without additional costs.

Your hearing and speech concerns will be catered to with the utmost care and compassion, regardless of your age. Recharge, relax, and hear better with rechargeable batteries from Swar Speech & Hearing Centre. If you have actively wanted to buy rechargeable hearing aids or are wondering about the rechargeable hearing aid price in Thane, reach out to us at 9867010702.

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