Pure Tone Audiometry Test in Thane

Pure Tone Audiometry Test in Thane

Pure-tone audiometry test is a hearing test to measure hearing sensitivity. It is a behavioural test that is taken when hearing loss is suspected. It can measure the softest and the least audible sound that a person can hear. The test will not only determine if the hearing levels are within range but also identify the degree, type and configuration of hearing loss which enables to form the basis for diagnosis and treatment.

We at Swar Speech and Hearing Centre can help you with a pure tone audiometry test in Thane at an affordable rate. Having been fully equipped with calibrated audiometric equipment, experienced audiologists and a quiet testing environment, we ensure your testing process is completely hassle-free and systematic.

If you are looking for a pure-tone audiometry test in Thane, feel free to reach out to us on 9867010702.

When to undergo a pure tone audiometry test?

As mentioned earlier, an audiometry test is performed to determine your hearing ability. You could undergo a pure tone audiometry test if you notice the below signs:

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    Everything you need to know about a pure tone audiometry test!

    Pure Tone Audiometry Test

    About the test

    The pure tone audiometry test will be conducted in our quiet soundproof room. We will be providing you earphones or headphones. Later, you will be asked to listen to sounds played on an audiometer. This will be performed on both ears separately, one ear at a time. The audiometer will have different types of sounds played at varying speeds and intensities. You will have to signal our audiologist by raising your hand, every time you hear a sound which will be further recorded in the Audiogram. The duration of the test would be around one hour and you are expected to be quiet and calm.

    After the test

    Once the test is done, we will share the report either on the same day or the next day. Our audiologist will review the test report and let you know if there are any specific hearing problems. Depending on the reports, our experts will offer you preventative measures to avoid further hearing loss. They might as well recommend treatment that may include the use of hearing aids.  

    Preparation before the test

    There is no need for any prior preparation like fasting or discontinuing medications before going for a pure tone audiometry test. You would only be required to avoid using headphones and listening to loud music before the test. 

    Swar Speech and Hearing Centre is a well-established centre in Thane. If you are looking for a pure tone audiometry test in Thane, you can completely rely on our experienced and competent audiologists. Feel free to call us on 9867010702, if you have any queries. We will be happy to help you and get your diagnosis right.