How Does a Pure Tone Audiometry Test Work?

How Does a Pure Tone Audiometry Test Work?

An audiometry test is conducted to evaluate and examine your hearing ability. This test might be conducted on patients suffering from hearing loss and is generally prescribed by an ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) specialist and conducted by an audiologist. In this test, audiologists use voices in different pitches to evaluate your hearing capacity.

While conducting a pure tone audiometry test, you will get earphones and sounds and tones will be played in various pitches, speeds and intensities. Every time you listen to a sound, you need to indicate to your audiologist by raising your hand. The intensity of the sound you hear is recorded on a graph. Both ears will be examined separately to check the capability of each one. Also, your audiologist will give you a detailed explanation of every sound and tone.

What are the preparations required forthe pure tone audiometry test in Thane?

You do not need to make special preparation before arriving for the pure tone audiometry test. However, you might consider refraining from the use of earphones or listening to loud voices before appearing for the test.

What is the process carried out after the pure tone audiometry test in Thane?

After the test, you will mostly get a test report on the same day. After which your audiologist will analyse the report and consult with you about your hearing issues. Based on the reports, they might suggest some precautions which you need to take for preventing aggravation of your hearing issues. Or, if your hearing capability is severely affected then they might recommend treatment by using hearing aids.

What are the common causes of hearing loss?

Hearing loss commonly occurs in conditions given below- 

  • Trauma due to exposure to extremely loud sounds or blast
  • Acoustic neuroma is a benign tumour that grows on the auditory nerves resulting in disruption while hearing.
  • Ear injury
  • Constant exposure to loud noises 
  • Hearing loss due to ageing
  • Ear infections
  • Abnormal bone development in the middle ear known as Otosclerosis 
  • Alport syndrome is a hereditary condition that impacts the kidneys and leads to hearing difficulties
  • Birth defects
  • Labyrinthitis is an inner ear infection leading to hearing problems.
  • Perforated eardrum
  • Ménière disease refers to an inner ear disorder leading to dizzy spells, vertigo and hearing problems.

Are there any other tests conducted to evaluate hearing capacities?

Apart from the pure tone audiometry test, two tests are used for analysing your hearing capacity-

  • Speech audiometry test- This test is conducted to evaluate your capability of distinguishing speech from the noise in the background. You will have to listen to the audio and differentiate the words.  
  • Impedance audiometry test- This test is conducted to analyse the functions of the eardrum and check the flow of sound from your middle ear.

All these audiometry tests might need about an hour to complete and are completely pain-free. At Swar Speech and Hearing Centre, we offer efficient pure tone audiometry tests in Thane and also provide consultation and treatment based on the findings of the test. 

So, connect with us now and schedule an appointment right away. 

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