Should You Think About Receivers-in-Canals

Should You Think About Receivers-in-Canals

A RIC hearing aid is fitted behind the ear like a BTE hearing aid. However, the body of a RIC hearing aid includes an amplifier and a microphone. Also, the receiver is fitted inside the hearing aid’s dome or earmold and is connected to the body of the hearing aid through an electrical wire. Read on if you wish to know more or buy Buy RIC hearing aids in Thane

What are the advantages of the RIC Hearing Aid?

Firstly, the RIC hearing aids sound more natural as compared to a typical BTE hearing aid. Also, they are less vulnerable toocclusion. Secondly, the RIC hearing aids are also more impactful in the amplification ofhigh-frequency noise, which makes them an ideal choice for individuals who have mild or moderate hearing loss.

The above features are likely all because the sound in a RIC hearing aid is transmitted directly into the ear canal rather than fed through the tubing.

Also, the RIC hearing aids are known to be more comfortableand are smalleras compared to other traditional hearing aid. Their size makes them less noticeable and the users feel more comfortable while using the RIC hearing aids.

Are there any cons to using the RIC hearing aid?

Although there are no major drawbacks to RIC hearing aid, still some users might experience that they are easy to lose due to their small size. Also, the RIC hearing aids are comparatively more expensive. However, they surely provide enhanced comfort and give the users a better hearing experience.

Is it a good idea to buy RIC Hearing Aid? 

Whether you wish to buy a RIC hearing aid depends on your lifestyle and preferences. If you are someone who is indulged in frequent public activities and public speaking, then RIC hearing aids are the best. Also, if you are conscious about wearing a hearing aid and do not want to let people see them, then RIC hearing aids are the best alternatives. They are easy to hide and much easy to replace.

However, if you have any more queries about which hearing aids are the best for you, or wish to Buy RIC hearing aids in Thane, then you need to consult with youraudiologist or hearing specialist who will guide you thoroughly and suggest the best possible solution for dealing with your hearing loss.

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