Know Everything There Is To Know About Ear Machines

Know Everything There Is To Know About Ear Machines

Hearing loss can be very impactful on your personal, and professional life and also on your emotional well-being. However, ear machines can help enhance hearing capacity and in enhancing your overall well-being.

How can hearing aids be helpful?

A hearing aid is a battery-powered device that is designed to enhance your hearing experience. They are small enough to wear in or behind your ear. These devices work by amplifying the sound and enhancing your hearing experience. The hearing aids consist of three parts namely-

  • A microphone that picks up the sound around you.
  • An amplifier that augments the sound
  • A receiver sends this amplified sound to your ear.

Styles and types of hearing aids-

If you are suffering from hearing loss, then you need to consult with your audiologist to figure out what type of hearing aid can be best for you. Here are some factors which you need to consider before you choose a hearing aid-

  • The kind of hearing loss you have and how complicated it is    
  • Your age group
  • How can you manage small devices
  • Lifestyle
  • Price of the hearing aids

Mainly, there are two types of hearing aids-

Analog hearing aids-change sound waves in electrical signals and amplify the sound to make it louder. Also, they are less expensive and have modest volume controls.

Digital hearing aids- are used to convert sound waves into numerical codes like computer codes, and amplify them. The code contains information regarding the direction, pitch and volume of the sound. 

There are three crucial styles of hearing aids. They are available in versatile sizes, placement inside or behind the ear-

Canal hearing aids can be fitted in the ear and are minimally visible. These aids fit in the specific ear canal and are smaller in size. This type of hearing aid is not perfect for children or adults who cannot carry tiny devices. However, if you can carry the hearing device, then you might consider wearing these aids every day.

In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids can be inserted in your outer ear. They consist of a hard plastic case that holds the electronic components. These aids are best for people having mild to severe hearing loss, however, they are not effective for kids with tiny ears which are still growing.  

So, if you wish to know more about hearing aids or buy an ear machine for hearing loss, connect with Swar Hearing or Speech Centre right away and consult with our expert audiologists. 

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