What is the Difference Between Audiologists and ENT Doctors

What is the Difference Between Audiologists and ENT Doctors

A lot of people are confused about whether they should consult an ENT or an audiologist for resolving or dealing with hearing loss. Although there are a few similarities between the role of an audiologist and an ENT doctor, their treatments and expertise differ from each other. 

Here we have tried to elaborate more on the difference between an ENT and an audiologist in Kalyan.  

What is the role of an audiologist?

An audiologist specialises in determining, diagnosing, and treating problems with auditory and vestibular regionals of the ear. Usually, they treat problems like hearing loss, balance issues and tinnitus. They are experts in using technology which is utilised to manage these conditions. For instant, if you need hearing aids for managing your hearing loss, then the audiologist might be able to advise you on the same.

Also, they play a crucial role in treating people with hearing loss. Moreover, they can suggest phones which are well-suited to hearing aids. For instance, they can also guide people to cope with hearing loss. 

What is the role of an ENT doctor?

ENT is a doctor who specialises in the areas like ear, nose and throat. The ENT doctor focuses on these areas and treats problems, diseases, traumas, abnormalities and tumours in these regions. Also, they provide treatment for problems of the neck and head. Other than this, ENT doctors also help you in treating the allergies which impact your ears, nose and throat. 

When should you consult an ENT doctor or an audiologist? 

An audiologist mainly handles issues associated with hearing loss. If you are facing problems with hearing or conversations, then you need to schedule an appointment with an audiologist. They will perform several tests to determine the root cause of your hearing loss. In case your hearing loss is caused due to ageing or exposure to loud noises, then they will prescribe a few treatments for managing hearing loss, like hearing aids. 

On the other hand, the ENT doctor will address certain medical conditions which affect your ear, nose and throat. Your audiologist will refer you to an ENT doctor in case you have issues like ear infections that are hampering your hearing. So, an audiologist might help you in managing and treating hearing loss, and an ENT doctor might specialise in providing treatments to resolve viral and bacterial infections. So, in case you notice problems like tumours in or around your nose, throat or ears, then visit an ENT for further treatment.  

If you consult with an ENT doctor, then they will test and recognise the condition that you are suffering from. Also, they might refer you to an audiologist who can help you resolve problems like hearing loss.  

Although ENT doctors and audiologists deal with similar issues, still the ENT doctor can treat more advanced medical issues and treat them, while audiologists can help you to deal with hearing loss and help you cope with the problem. 

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