Tips For Maintaining Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Tips For Maintaining Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Recent developments in the technology of hearing aids are life-changing. For instance, the new sound processing technologies have enhanced the understanding of speech understanding. Also, hearing aids are now equipped with better quality microphones which have led to enhancement in the quality of hearing.

Benefits of rechargeable hearing aids-

Here is a list of benefits that you get by using rechargeable hearing aids.

  1. Easy to use for seniors who have weak fingers

Rechargeable hearing aids are small in size and easy to use. Even though an individual suffers from finger dexterity issues, these hearing aids can be used conveniently and with enhanced ease.

  • Easy to charge-  

Individuals using rechargeable hearing aids only need to place their aids in their charging stations during the night and they can be ready to use in the morning. This feature of easy usage makes them a perfect choice for aged people with hearing disabilities.

  • Safe for kids and pets- 

Hearing aids with rechargeable batteries do not have moving parts. Hence, they are safe for individuals who have kids or pets around.

  • Long battery life and fast charging-

The advanced rechargeable hearing aids have advanced lithium-ion batteries. These high-end batteries will offer fast charging in about 3 to 4 hours. Also, these hearing aids can be used for a long time and will also come with a warranty on the battery. Moreover, the hearing aid companies will offer options for replacing the non-functional rechargeable batteries so need not buy a completely new set of hearing aids.

  • Rechargeable battery hearing aids are environment-friendly-

Unlike disposable batteries, rechargeable hearing aids, can be used time and again. So, you are not constantly buying and disposing of toxic material in the trash. This makes them a more eco-friendly alternative.

Here are some tips for maintaining the rechargeable hearing aids-

  • Rechargeable hearing aid batteries have a battery door that needs to be removed and kept on a soft cloth. This can allow you to clean the battery compartment without damaging the battery.
  • You should avoid storing any rechargeable hearing aids in a charging station that is unplugged. If you do this, the battery life of your hearing aids is shortened.
  • If you are away from your hearing aid charging station, you need to ensure that you switch off the hearing aids and keep them safe.
  • If you are using lithium-ion hearing aids, keep them in a charging station when they are dry and free from debris.
  • If you keep the hearing aids in a charging station, you can see the indicator light and you can see the hearing aids charging. You need to keep them for about four hours to charge fully, and they can be ready to use.
  • Avoid carrying your hearing aids with wires, or they might not be able to work correctly when you use them again.

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