All you need to know about completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aids

All you need to know about completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aids

As the name implies, completely-in-canal hearing aids are hearing devices that completely enclose the wearer’s ear canal. When you learn that you have a hearing impairment and may need a hearing device one of your major concerns may be its visibility to others. So, if you have been on the lookout for a hearing aid that is barely noticeable, you must buy CIC hearing aids in Thane from reliable and helpful suppliers like Swar Speech and Hearing Centre. Audiologists, otologists, speech therapists, and other hearing professionals usually recommend CIC hearing aids for the acoustic benefits they offer. However, if you want to learn more about CIC hearing aids, continue reading.

How is buying CIC hearing aids in Thane beneficial?

Discrete appearance: One of the biggest advantages of CIC hearing aids is that they are almost invisible. This can truly raise your self-esteem, particularly if you are someone who feels embarrassed about wearing a hearing aid in public.

Comfortable: Another reason to choose these hearing aids is the comfort they provide their users. They are custom-made to fit into your ears perfectly without causing any discomfort. They sit in your ears naturally and do not dislodge when fitted properly.

Natural sound experience: Since the speaker of the CIC hearing aid is closer to your eardrum, the sound experience is natural. In addition to that, your ear’s natural anatomy guides sound into the device, thus improving the quality of sound.

Less disturbance: These hearing aids are not bulky or difficult to carry at all, so they don’t restrict your routine activities. You can talk on the phone or use a helmet without having to manoeuvre around the device.

Possible drawbacks

Buying CIC hearing aids in Thane can be a bit pricey since they are customised to your ear size and may require regular maintenance. In addition to that, its battery is small in size, thus limiting its power. This hearing aid may or may not be suitable for complete hearing loss, so it is always wise to get an ear assessment done by experienced doctors before making a purchase.

What to expect when being fitted for CIC hearing aids for the first time?

Doctors usually conduct an auricular examination and then recommend the most suitable hearing aid for you. If they suggest CIC hearing aids, they will measure the size of your ear to customise the device as per the size of your ear canal. Next, when the customised machine is available, they will guide you on how to properly insert it into your ear and how you must maintain it.

Now that you have ample information, make sure you buy CIC hearing aids from Thane’s Swar Speech and Hearing Centre. We don’t just offer reliable care but also offer hearing aids of premium quality at discounted rates. Connect with us to find out more.

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